Monday, January 26, 2015

Australian Fondue

1 small loaf firm white bread
2 tablesp. cornflour
3 tablesp. Mildara brandy
12 oz. New Zealand Danbo cheese
4 oz. cheese (Red Malling - Queensland)
8 oz. white wine (Riesling)
2 Granny Smith apples

Method: Cut bread into 1&1/4" cubes and place in a basket - also have ready a fork for each dunker. Cut all the cheese into 1/4" cubes and just before serving cut the apples into 1/4" cubes. Mix Brandy and cornflour to a smooth cream paste ready for use. Place cheese in a small saucepan with wine, and bring to gentle simmer until appearance is like a thin smooth soup. Pour in brandy and cornflour paste stirring constantly until it thickens. Pour into a serving dish over heater. It is important to keep stirring the fondue to prevent sticking. A suggestion is that each guest give a good stir on the bottom of the dish with his bread or apple cube.

Source: contributed by Mrs. R. E. Trehearne in Selected Recipes Compiled by Port Pirie Branch Royal District and Bush Nursing Society (Port Pirie: 1966), p.7.

Happy Australia Day. 

(New Zealand is, of course, not part of Australia.)

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