Friday, February 12, 2016

Melva Taylor's Tasty Morsels

SCONES - you can do all sorts of things with a basic recipe - 1 egg / 1 dess. sugar / 1 small cup milk / salt / 1 tabs. melted butter / 2 cups SR Flour.

SAVOURY - add 1 tabs. french onion soup in milk, add butter, stir, add to flour, mix with a knife. Knead on a floured board, cut out, place close to one another on a greased tray, glaze with milk.

TIME - 10 minutes hot oven (top shelf)
Can be cooked in small electric toaster oven.

OTHER SUGGESTIONS: grated cheese and cayenne pepper, chicken cube crumbled into the flour / curry powder / gherkin and herbs.

Leave out the sugar for savoury scones.

This mixture can serve as a pizza base when in a hurry.

SWEET - grated apple and honey can replace sugar. Grated orange and lemon rind, glaze with orange juice.

ROLL - flatten dough out - spread grated cheese and shallots - roll up - cut into slices and cook.

SALMON ROLL - drain can tuna/salmon, chop an onion and mix all with a little lemon juice, spread on dough, fold over like a pasty, slit across top 3 times, and cook with 1/4 can cream of chicken soup poured over as a sauce.

COOKED in a well kneaded lump (like damper) with grated cheese and bacon pieces on top or sprinkle of french onion soup etc. replaces bread with a meal. Very tasty.

Place tea towel in a colander and cover scones when cooked until needed. Stale scones can be revived by dipping in milk, popping in oven for a few minutes to warm through and freshen up.

Source: Our Jubilee Year Recipe Book [Ascot Park Uniting Church Friendship Group] (Adelaide, 1986), p.14.

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